Why You Should Eat Chia Seed Everyday And How To Use

Chia seed belongs to the type of ingredients that is present almost everywhere and in every meal. It has widely use in a treatments of losing weight.

Chia seed is proven ingredient in losing weight because of the spectrum content like calcium, antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids.

Lots of beneficial use can be obtained by consuming chia seeds, like younger appearance, and not only that but with chia seed consumption the body felt more energy, feeling healthier.

This article can help you to learn more about chia seed if you haven’t been informed by now.

Read below to understand the advantages of this seeds.

The science has proved that only healthy person is a happy person. Look around and see that nature had given you many benefits in the healthy ingredients and combination of excellent properties in those tinny seeds.

These seeds originate somewhere form Mexico and even the Aztecs have used them in their daily menu.

The seeds are fulfill with proteins even 20%,  good 34% of fat and 25% of dietary fiber, and not to forget the great amount of antioxidants. It has large amount of linoleic acid and also omega 3 and lots of healthy unsaturated fatty acids.

Benefits of chia seed:

  1. Omega 3 fatty acids as medicine

Chia seed is very rich in fatty acids almost like the red fish. These acids can be very usable by the question of health. The acids in the seeds can help in reducing cholesterol, improving the health and function of heart, fight with depression and improving bad mood.

  1. Weight loss helper

When these seeds are placed in water they absorb the water as much as they can. The process is the same when they are eaten and they try to absorb the water in the stomach providing feeling satiety.

The process of losing weight with the help of chia seeds is fast and effective way, and after all there are no damages to wellbeing. The richness with vitamins and nutrients helps in the process of losing weight to go under is beneficial for the health. By consumption of these seed you are destroying the desire to consume unhealthy foods.

  1. Energy

If you are sport type of person and want effective training you should intake chia seeds because it will help you enlarge the energy level and to have effective training.

  1. A rich source of calcium

The level of calcium in the chia seeds is more than the content in milk, also has more potassium than bananas. Vegetarian love this product because it is quite unique.

If you feel like you need to add some calcium to your body then you should try chia seed. The body can absorb the whole calcium from the seeds. Sufficient level of calcium in the body means healthy bones, hair and nails.

  1. Everlasting youth

We mentioned in the beginning that these seeds are also great source of antioxidants which are responsible for the youthful look and protection of infections. Interesting fact about chia seed is the concentration of antioxidant in one seed is more than in one blueberry and aronia.

Consumption of chia seeds:

The best amount for the body is 3-4 tablespoon of chia seeds.

For start you can start with a tablespoon and steadily increase the dosage. Because of the neutral flavor you may consume chia seed with almost every meal you know: stews, porridges, soups, and yogurt, add to the salad …

These type of seeds have long shelf life and very important

Health can be improved instantly with these seeds and if you had not try them jet, it is not too late to start.